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PG CertLIS Dissertation, Austrian National Library, 1980
AU: Oberhauser, O.
OT: Aspekte der Bibliotheksbenutzung durch Universitätslehrer: Ausgewählte Ergebnisse einer Benutzerbefragung der Universitätsbibliothek der Technischen Universität Wien.
ET: Library use by academic staff: Selected results of a user survey at the Vienna University of Technology Library.
SO: Austrian National Library, 1980. 95p.
LA: German
RF: Kroller, F. (Chair); Strebl, M.; Reinitzer, S.; Lang, F. H.; Mazal, O.
AB: In the winter term of 1979/80 a postal user survey among students and faculty was conducted by the Vienna University Technology Library. For the university teachers a full survey approach was used; the response rate was 55% (N = 692 respondents). In this dissertation, the results for this target group are analyzed, particularly the following variables: aspects of the usage behaviour (literature needs, preferences for sources of literature information, document delivery), use of libraries within and outside the Vienna University of Technology (importance, frequency, image issues), use of the main library of the Vienna University of Technology (awareness and use of catalogs and public services, opening times, requests and criticism). The faculty status of the respondents, their subject specialties, the duration of their contact with the university and their main focus of work are investigated as potential determinants of these variables.
AV: Austrian National Library (Vienna), Call no.: 1,445.185-C
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