O. C. Oberhauser - Librarian, Information Scientist, Researcher

MPhil Thesis, University of Wales, 1989
AU: Oberhauser, O. C.
OT: Multimedia information storage and retrieval using optical disc technology: potential for library and information services.
SO: University College of Wales, Department of Information and Library Studies, 1989. viii, 225p.
LA: English
RF: Enser, P. G. B. (Academic Supervisor); Pollitt, A. S. (External Examiner)
AB: The thesis investigates a special area of optical disc technology - the storage and retrieval of multimedia information - and its applicability in library and information services. Multimedia refers to the blending of different original formats, such as text, audio, graphics, still images, motion video, computer data, or combinations of them, in one convenient delivery system. Optical discs lend themselves to the storage of such data, and - combined with microcomputers - to interactive and increasingly sophisticated ways of accessing the information. The general aim of the study is to build up an informed view of this area, by looking at the present state of optical memory systems and their capabilities for multimedia, at applications and ongoing developments of relevance for library and information services, and at the current position of the information community towards the new technology. In order to achieve these goals, three different approaches were used. The first is a state- of-the-art report on optical storage technology, which examines the current and forthcoming optical disc formats (read-only, write-only, and rewritable/erasable optical discs) and assesses their potential for multimedia applications. Secondly, a survey of multimedia optical disc applications and projects was undertaken, based on a large variety of published and unpublished sources. It covers relevant activities in libraries and picture archives, museums and galleries, research institutions and in the field of professional optical disc publishing. The results are presented in a categorized form which can be used for establishing a database or directory of multimedia optical disc applications. Finally, personal interviews with a selected group of information professionals were conducted, exploring their awareness of multimedia optical disc technology as well as their views of the information community's present position on this matter. The study concludes with a review of findings and suggestions for further research. (author)
AV: University of Wales Aberystwyth / Thomas Parry Library, Call no.: QTO 025.04 OBE
Published version: Austrian National Library, Call no.: 825-710.B-151

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